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I started studying Acupuncture in 2014. I am fortunate to have fell under the guidance of two of the best orthopedic acupuncturist specialist. My first mentor Michael Turk and his student, my second and primary mentor Eric Schanke. Through the years I have developed sensitivity on my hands to read tissue and locate the problem areas. I have learned locations of common injuries and referred pain patterns. With thousands of hours of clinical experience and guidance from my mentors, sharing all of their experience they have learned through their entire career, I have been able to learn and excel rapidly. I could have not got a better education and I am beyond grateful for their generosity and guidance. 

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My Story

When i was first invited to study Traditional Chinese Medicine i was unaware of its complexity, as i started to learn more i was fascinated. i studied for two and half years under Adam Moes in Chapman town in Chico next to the Dorthy Johnson center in his converted back garage that was his clinic, he taught me the fundamentals of the medicine and also Buddhism. during those years i had been simultaneously taking 20hr weekend workshops on TCM with Micheal Turk at the local massage school, there was a point after taking so many he asked me to assist him in his workshops i had spent over 150hrs listening to his lectures. i would also visit his clinics and hear the raving testimonials of his patients. By the time i decided i wanted to study under Micheal he had already had his two allotted acupuncture apprentices by the state board. a year had went by of me taking Biological Science classes at the local community college and i had met the love of my life. she asked me why i had stopped studying to become an acupuncturist. oddly enough that same week Micheal Turk called me and asked if i would assist him in his clinic to reduce his waiting list. for about the 8 months i spent with him in his clinic i cant say that i learned much acupuncture, my mind was to busy being blown by all the possibilities. What i learned from Michael Turk was the ability to see with my fingers, to read the texture differences of healthy and unhealthy tissue. He told me that every good acupuncturist is a good massage therapist so i got my hands on as many bodies as i could. At the beginning of the pandemic Micheal retired and i called Eric Shanke. by this time i reached Eric i knew how to assist, how to palpate, i knew what was going on. the decision to study under Eric has been one of the most important in my life. i have learned more than i have ever in my life under the guidance of Eric 


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